August 17, 2018


Just inside of Trelawny Jamaica you will find a portal of God’s heaven open over a tabernacle of worship.  We have been fortunate to partner in ministry with Bishop Earle and his wonderful body of believers at Jacobs Well Church.  They are passionately in pursuit of the manifest presence of Almighty God.  There is an evident move and manifestation of growth and grace in the atmosphere.

We started our 2018 mission the second night of our assignment with a leadership focus and ministering to leaders in the community.  Our theme was, “Leading Well; Living Long & Loosing The Captives”.  The response was both phenomenal and encouraging.  On last night, the Lord ministered healing and deliverance in our midst at Jacobs Well. The hunger and receptiveness to the move of the prophetic Word was amazing.  Tonight we will go a little further and press in for greater glory.


Agree with us for saving of souls, miracles, and mighty deeds while here in Jamaica .  He that has begun a great work in us shall perform it completely .  Keep looking up, your deliverance is at hand.  Behold God’s goodness in what might appear to be gloomy and seemingly hopeless.  All of our help comes from the Lord!  HE WILL NOT DISAPPOINT!