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28 Days Ablaze (Covenant)

(Oct. 15th-Nov. 11th)

“When we pray we enter God’s domain from the domain of our inability…”

Deals with the domain of God:

  1. Time - You and God. (Ps. 16:11)

  2. The Tongue - You must put assignments on what you say and stop negative talking.

  3. Tarrying - To abide and wait with expectation. To continue and endure. Patience. Steadfastness with remaining. Isaiah 40:28-31              

  • You must find His feet.

  • This will be a coming away with the beloved. Your supernatural sensitivity will be heightened in ways you’ve never experienced before.

  • There are throwns of Kingdoms that must come down. Haggai 2:22

  • This will deal with the fire of the Lord’s glory!

The number 28 in the Hebrew means:

    • Power

    • Energy

    • Leader and Teamwork

    • To accomplish (Apostolically - to be sent)

    • Abundance will enter your life!

Daily Scriptures for Devotion

(where available, The Passion Translation (TPT) used along with King James (KJV) and Amplified (AMPC) versions)

Isaiah 50:4

Psalms 16:11

Isaiah 40:28-31

Haggai 2:22