August 18, 2018


Our mission team spent the earlier part of the day at Hope Hospice here in Montego Bay Jamaica. It is always a bitter sweet experience and our hearts are somewhat on a pause to see who remains and who has transitioned to be with the Lord.  They are so full of hope and yet praise God in spite of their situation.  Their smiles show the sweet communion of God’s imprint resting on their journey.

There was a most precious woman residing there who was one hundred and two years old.  She was sharp in her thinking and had glistening silver and white hair. Her ability  to walk on her own and reflect on the goodness of God was breath taking.  What a mighty God we serve in every season of our lives.

As we sang and shared in devotion with them, they worshipped beyond their terminal illnesses.  The nurses joined in and one played her tambourine as an exuberant expression of praise. We left our love and donations with plans to return in the near future to facilitate staff training.  The call and commission upon our church is being walked out in faith, leaning on the Lord!


Apostle Nixon

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