Looking out over this Caribbean Sea, I’m assured that Gods reach is vast and victorious. Today was our first full international mission encounter at West Haven Children’s Home.  The children were so happy and excited to see us arrive and eagerly awaited our exiting of the bus. They were ready to embrace us and select one of us to hug, tug and walk with during our visit. They were not graciously groomed or pleasantly scented to ones preference.  However, they were adorable to the soul and precious to the heart of God.

I always feel close to God when I am in the company of these chosen children.  John’s Gospel informs us that some conditions exist for the works of God to be made manifest. We were sent to West Haven Children’s Home to manifest the works of God through presence and touch among those who are the expression of God’s heart.


As we sang with the children, I experienced the love and nature of God. They were totally free of any need to sound any particular way vocally. They changed their volume and tone as often as they changed their posture. They loved being loud and enjoyed moving to the beat.  Whenever we would stop one song after singing several verses, a child would yell out; “again”!

They wanted the music and the melody to continue. They couldn’t get enough of the joy.

If we would allow ourselves, we would also yearn for continuous fellowship and joyful encounters with the Lord and others. As I consider some of the children that were disabled and had no physical mobility, the love of God yet reached them through the melody of missions and music.  Come journey with us as we serve all God’s children while here in Jamaica.


Apostle Nixon