Men's Conference - Manhunt III   

Health and Wellness Fair  Friday, April 15th, 11:30 - 3:00

Events for Friday, April 15th are open to the public!  Come out and enjoy!  

Provided Free of Charge by Health and Wellness Vendors:

  • Cumberland County Health Department (Prostate Awareness, Stress Management, and Healthy Eating)
  • Southern Regional -AHEC Specialty Clinic (Heart and Dental Education and Testosterone Awareness)
  • Community Health Intervention, Inc. (HIV, Hepatitis C, and Syphilis Testing and Diabetic Screening)
  • Campbell University, & SR-AHEC (Pharmacy Education)
  • Women of Favor, Inc. (Free First Aid Kits)
  • Walgreen Pharmacy (Diabetic Testing and Blood Pressure)
  • WCC SHALOM Ministry Team (Breast Cancer Awareness and Healthy Eating)
  • AIDS Health Care Foundation
  • Williams Chapel Church Food Bank
  • Williams Chapel Church Clothes Closet (Belven's Clothes Closet)

Also, please join us Friday night  @ 7:00 PM for a night of worship with Pastor Joe Johnson, Insoul Church!  Everyone is welcomed!

Events for Saturday, April 16th are opened to registered participants only.

Prepare to hear God's Word on Sunday, April 17th from Pastor Darryl White, Tabernacle of Faith Worship Center, Charlotte, NC!