G.R.A.C.E. Small Group Ministry (A)

Mission Statement:  To relationally connect people for the purpose of creating a community where no one stands alone.

 Small Group Ministry: A small group is a place of mutual ministry among believers.  It is a place where no one stands alone.  Small groups give an organizational design that allows ministry to flourish.  We must seek to encourage ministry and not impede it.  Small groups will create a structure within the church that will serve people.

 Remember: As we develop and empower people, the kingdom will advance one life at a time.

 Reasons for Small Groups

 1.       Provide another entry point into our church. Normally, Sunday school, worship service and auxiliaries serve as entry points. While these will continue to offer opportunities, we must continue to search for ways to increase the opportunity people have to become involved in our church.

 2.       An effective evangelism tool. Small groups offer a place to discuss daily life and receive mutual support in a smaller setting.

 3.       An effective means to care for the people. Regardless of the size of the church, it is impossible for the Pastor to provide all the care people need.

 4.       Accelerate spiritual growth with the people.  In a small group, people are more comfortable in sharing needs and concerns. This leads to accountability and an atmosphere that will nurture maturity.

 5.       Shift the work of the church to the people (laity).  For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: (Ephesians 4:12)                                                           

 True community and harvest gathering ministry takes place when the people are enlisted and enabled to do daily work of pastoral care.  It is a must that we empower lay leaders.

 Small Group Ministry Goals And Objectives

1.       Goal: To grow the church while expanding the kingdom.

Objective: Use the multiplication / divide principle.

 2.       Goal: To create a community church where no one stands alone.

Objective: To develop small group ministry clusters that will consist of a facilitator, apprentice and a coach.

 3.       Goal: To disciple and empower God’s people.

Objective: To provide spiritual wholistic and relevant curriculum that challenge the lives of the participants and mature them spiritually.

 4.       Goal: To create opportunities for relational building and intimacy for the sharing of and validation of individual stories.

5.       Objective: To strive to keep groups at a 13:3 ratio paradigm with the potential for developing new group leaders. 

 Small Group Composition   

 Each Small Group will consist of a Facilitator, an Apprentice and a Coach.

The size of each Small Group will be 13 members.