Let's Celebrate Apostle Kimberly L. Nixon and her family!  God has blessed us with an anointed leader in this house of worship and we want to show her how very much we love her!

Pastor Dr. T.L. Davenport, Family Fellowship Christian Center, Fayetteville, NC

T. L Davenport was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana and accepted Jesus as Lord while he was a young teenager.

Years later, he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army and went on to serve in Operation Desert Storm.  While there, he developed a passion for reading the Word of God and began holding bible studies.

After returning to the United States, Pastor Davenport was  promoted to the rank of Captain, but shortly thereafter he resigned to work in full time ministry as Minister of Music.

He accepted his calling to preach after receiving a word from God; My people don’t know me” (Hosea 4:6), and in April 1995, Pastor Davenport founded and became the Senior Pastor of Family Fellowship Worship Center (FFWC).  Currently, FFWC has grown to a congregation of over 600 people on the church roster.

 Dr. T. L. Davenport has a passion for teaching the Word of god with clarity and     simplicity.  Additionally, he loves showing the love of Christ in practical ways to help meet the needs of his community.  He has travelled and ministered in Germany,          Romania, Guatemala, Saudi Arabia, Honduras, and the Bahamas.

Dr. T..L. Davenport’s academic achievements include:  Bachelor of Science in Computer Science; Certificate of Biblical Studies; Bachelor in Divinity; and a Master and       Doctorate in Theology.

He and his lovely wife, Dr. Charlotte Davenport have been married for more than 24 years and have three beautiful children, Gabrielle, Hannah, and Jonathan.