Friday, January 15th - Come out and enjoy a night of celebration with us through praise and dance from our Praise Ministry Team and our Dance Ministry Team!  There will also be video presentations and a very special word from Apostle Kimberly Nixon!

Saturday, January 16th - 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm:  Come out for "A Taste of Williams Chapel"!  Members and guests will visit tables tasting dishes from different states, countries, and specialty dishes.  There will be trivia questions for a chance to win prizes and a "Mission Well" where members and guests will be able to donate and have their names displayed on the well! Come out for a day of fellowship, food, and fun!!!

Sunday, January 17th - Come enjoy the unadulterated word of God!

8:00 AM - Apostle Cynthia Kornegay of Faith Place Center of Worship, Goldsboro, NC

11:00 AM - Apostle Doug Kornegay of Faith Place Center of Worship , Goldsboro, NC      

You do not want to miss these two dynamic leaders who will be preaching the uncompromising word of truth!